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Online Training Mycotherpy for Humans

– Exclusively for Therapists and Trainee-Therapists –

Our Flex training consists of over 30 individual training videos that you can access at any time. This allows you to learn whenever it is most convenient for you.

Structured training so you can start therapy immediately

This intensive training course covers all important areas of mycotherapy, including the various applications and effects of medicinal mushrooms. You will receive high-quality documentation for easy use in your daily practice. Our instructor Dr Dorothee Bös will guide you competently and entertainingly through all the training content.

Training content:
  • Portrait of 14 medicinal mushrooms: Agaricus bisporus, Agaricus blazei murrill (ABM), Auricularia, Chaga, Coprinus, Cordyceps, Coriolus, Hericium, Maitake, Pleurotus, Polyporus, Poria cocos, Shiitake, Reishi
  • Use and effect of medicinal mushrooms for individual diseases: Diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cancer, allergies and many more
  • Regulation of the immune system
  • Detoxification with medicinal mushrooms
  • Application of the structured medicinal mushroom healing charts
This training includes:
  • a comprehensive training manual
  • our large MykoCampus-Healing-Charts-Book
  • a personalised certificate of participation (to print out yourself)
Registation and formalities

Only therapists and trainee therapists are authorised to participate. After checking your therapist status, we will send you the comprehensive training manual together with the MykoCampus Healing Charts book by post.
You will receive your login details for the online training course by e-mail within a few days, after which you can start the lessons at any time.
This allows you to learn whenever it suits you best. The Mycotherapy Human Flex online course consists of over 30 individual training videos. For some topics, there is a short and simple question section after the video, which you can use to check what you have learnt. You have a total of eight weeks to complete the entire course. After the training, you can start treating your patients straight away.

Information for customers from Switzerland: 
The training fulfills the requirements of the EMR regulations and the EGK Therapy Centre.